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Always look for ways to avoid unnecessary waste whether it’s by making a multi-purpose product, a zero-waste packaging, improving our processes or using sustainable and organic ingredients for our formulations.
Zero-waste packaging
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To inspire and lead a clean, healthy and sustainable way of looking beautiful, all by striking the impurities while keeping it fun. We are committed to empowering people to make vegan choices and admire a positive difference to their skin, health and planet. 




1-      We only use Healthy & Soothing Ingredients that benefit our skin’s health, and are not linked to internal health disruption

Our ingredients are always 100% Naturally-derived, Plant-based and High-performing. We don’t use anything that can cause skin sensitivities and compromise our natural protective skin barrier. We focus on producing clean and quality products that actually works. 



2-       Empower people to make a difference

We believe in empowering people to make positive difference to their skin, health and planet. We aim to give them right tools and resources to make decisions that are healthy for themselves, their families and the surroundings.


3–       We are 100% Vegan, Natural and Cruelty-Free

We are certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free (PETA). There are no animal by-product ingredients in our product-range. We are strongly against cruelty to animals and do not sell, or aim to sell in any country that allows animal testing.


We also encourage people to eat plant-based food options, as they are certainly better for the skin and planet. Choosing plant-based can give us clear skin fast. Moreover, along with bringing huge benefits for the skin, they are also great to minimise our overall carbon footprint.



4–       We take Planet-Friendly Approach to all aspect of our business


Here are some of the things we do;


  • Our 100% Biodegradable plantable packaging is embedded with wildflower seeds to help save our planet’s declining bee population. Even if you do not plant it in the soil and it ends up at the landfills, it will leave them with wildflowers and no WASTE!


  • We use Glass bottles for our products as glass is fully recyclable – We print on glass instead of using labels which makes it easier to recycle. Our droppers contain mixed materials, as there isn’t another suitable alternative available in the market. They are not 100% plastic-free, however, they have the least amount of plastic and can be fully recycled via normal waste collection.


  • We use 100% Biodegradable packing peanuts to pack our orders. Upon contact with water, these peanuts turn into a porridge like substance and leave no traces behind. All our other packing materials are 100% recyclable and made up of approx. 60 – 80% recycled materials.


  • We always look for ways to avoid unnecessary waste whether it’s by making a multi-purpose product, improving our processes or using sustainable and organic ingredients for our formulations.


  • We aim to eliminate unnecessary paperwork, brochures, leaflets – we consider using electronic communication unless impossible.





1–       We believe in Creativity and Fun

Natural and Organic doesn’t have to be dull and boring. We always aim to add creativity, boldness and fun to our products and processes. We believe it helps make a conscious beauty journey easy and inspiring for all. 



2–       A Clean Plate is crucial to get a Happy Skin and a Happy Planet

We believe a clean, healthy and sustainable way of looking beautiful is also about eliminating toxins from your plate.

The easiest, healthiest and sustainable route to look and feel your best is by adding more plant-based food choices to our eating routines. Fortunately, steps taken to eat clean and protect our skin can also help protect our planet.



3–       Made in UK

We prioritise to keep our suppliers local to benefit and grow the local economy and be sustainable at the same time – we design, test and make our formulations in UK.


Coming soon.


We named our brand Whackit Beauty London for a reason – We aim to whack all impurities and toxins that could come in a way of getting a happy skin and happy planet. We believe along with using clean beauty products, the healthiest, easiest & ethical route to achieve this is by eating more plant-based food options.


There are wonderful plant-based alternatives available that can give us clear skin fast. Besides giving huge benefits to our skin, they have power to make us feel good about ourselves by reducing our carbon footprint. However, it’s not about making these changes overnight or doing them absolutely perfectly. We can benefit far more by making small changes persistently, then not doing them at all.


Moreover, we extend our concept of impurities to anything that has a potential to cause harm to our planet. Some of the most common ones are; unsustainable ingredients, single-use packing materials, plastic nanoparticles, and other similar practises which are toxic for the planet, humans and even animals who are constantly feeding and breathing in that environment.


We aim to WHACK them all !!

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